Facebook Ads are a great way to improve the brand image of your business. If you are already using Facebook Ads and are not getting the required results, then you might need to work on your campaign or conversion rate and come up with a new plan.

Need for Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

An ads conversion rate need not necessarily be converted to sales. Having customers subscribe to your newsletter or take interest in your website can also be considered as potential leads. Facebook Ads when used correctly can help determine the impact your ad has on your target audience, is it getting the right response?

If you are new to internet marketing, then you might want to take the help of a credible FaceBook ads agency such as Australian Internet Advertising headquartered in Sydney, with branches in Melbourne and Brisbane too. Their team of Facebook Advertising specialists will help you come up with a detailed plan on how to get the audience attracted to your ads and boost the sales of your business.

If you want to boost the sale of your business, then conversion rates need to be your focus. The more customers know about your website or products, the likely higher the conversion is to be. This is the perfect key to get your ROI.

First and foremost, you need to determine what the goal of your ad campaign is. Conversions need not always have to be about purchases, it can also be actions such as:

  • Customers adding items to their wish list
  • Donating for a noble cause
  • Registering for your website
  • Searching for products on your website

If you have been studying the Facebook Ads conversion rates closely, you might find that not all campaigns, no matter how good their ads are will get good conversions. This can be due to a variety of factors such as:

  • The company is dealing with luxury or high-end products that may target only specific audiences
  • Customers are not familiar with your products

Your work does not end if customers have subscribed to your newsletters or taken interest in your products or service. Competition is cut-throat and if you do not hold the interest of your potential or existing customers, you can sure to fall back in your game.

Here is where retargeting comes into the picture. If you see potential customers, you might want to keep reminding them occasionally about your products or website so that they keep your brand in mind.

Applying the Right Conversion Strategy

If you are no getting many conversions from your Facebook Ads, then you might want to re-visit your campaign and tweak it. Some important points that you might want to work on would be:

  • What is the type of conversion you are targeting at?
  • If you have multiple conversion goals, you might need to create separate ads for the same
  • Choosing the right ad creation tool
  • Optimise your conversions
  • Select the ones that you are keen on focusing
  • Target the landing page where your conversion is likely to happen
  • Ensure that your page is attractive with images.
  • Make use of Facebook Pixel to track your events
  • Keep your wordings short and crisp. It should deliver the right message
  • Make use of the Dynamic Creative feature that will help you get the right combination of texts and images
  • Have a strong call to action strategy in place

Ensure that you have your budget laid out before planning your campaign. Secondly, be direct with your phrases. If you want audiences to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing lists, then you can use phrases like “Subscribe” or “Sign Up”.

Now that your Facebook Ads campaign is ready, you might be interested to know how to keep track of your conversion rates. Some of the common ways is using Facebook Ads Manager or AdEspresso

If you have a Facebook Ads Manager account, you can optimize your dashboard at your convenience. You can opt for reports on conversion rates, how your ads are performing and the budget set for each ad.

Similarly, tracking tools like AdEspresso can help generate reports on the performance of your ads, optimize them for you and get you the best conversion rates.


The main intent of your Facebook Ads should be clear to the audience for them to be converted into potential leads. You need to keep pushing to see the results rather than wait for miracles to happen.